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Did you ever decide you wanted to start raising your own small livestock like chickens, geese or goats but a little research brought you to the conclusion that it was too difficult, costly and time consuming? I’m here to tell you that I’ve done all the research for you about raising meat rabbits and I know you will not disappointed by just how easy it is.

Food prices are constantly climbing skyward and the production chain seems to be getting worse; but YOU can control all of that by raising your own meat and other food at home.

You’ve considered chickens, geese, goats, pigs, mini-livestock and more, but in the end you find yourself worried that they require too much time, space, money and other know-how in order to successfully raise them to regularly feed your family. Maybe you think hunting is your answer, but wouldn’t it be more reassuring to know that you can just open your back door, pull a rabbit out of the cage and have it ready for cooking a few minutes later? Raising meat rabbits not only will produce a healthy food source for you and your family, but it is also easy and you might even find it fun.

The price of raising chickens, pigs, cows and other livestock continues to rise because most of their own food source (corn) is now going into ethanol production. Rabbits eat hay, oats and other grains – nothing used for ethanol. Plus you can grow all of these elements yourself to make your own completely organic rabbit feed. I’ll tell you how it’s done.

Rabbits can also survive on table scraps, lawn clippings and tree branches – people who lived through The Great Depression and in third world countries can confirm it. The ebook contains a full list of safe and toxic foods for rabbits –things that you can find in your own back yard.

The U.S. Agricultural Department expected food prices to have been rising 4 – 5% every year. The average price for one pound of chicken has tripled since 1998 and the average price for beef is also up almost 50% since 1996. Do want to keep giving your money to big business for their sub-par foods grown on factory farms or would you rather keep your cash at home where it belongs? If you grow your food yourself you’ll never have to worry about the next bacterial outbreak that streams through the news headlines because you already know your food source is safe.

Pound-for-pound, rabbit meat has FAR MORE protein and LESS fat than other meats. This means you’ll not only be spending less for food, but you’ll have the extra health benefit too!

Calories, Protein & Fat Values for Meat per 100 grams (3.5 oz)
Fat (g)
Beef (lean)
Pork chops (grilled)
Pork leg (roast)
Lamb breast (roast)
Lamb chops (grilled)
Lamb cutlets (grilled)


Turkey (roast)

Duck (roast)

Goose (roast)
Pheasant (roast)

Raising Rabbits Essentials is a massive collection of video modules, ebooks, workbooks, reference sheets and more that will teach you all about raising rabbits and how to have your own successful rabbitry to produce healthy, happy rabbits and delicious meat.

The core of this package is 5 modules containing hours and hours of video that go well above and beyond any material you’ve ever found in my ebooks. These videos and presentations are a bit like having me there in person talking to you, telling you all my secrets as we cover each aspect of rabbit husbandry.

The video modules are:
  • Module 1: Supplies & Getting Started — Determine exactly what you need to have from housing to equipment before you get started raising rabbits. Plus how to clean it, how to improve it for changing weather conditions and more.
  • Module 2: Breeds and Breeding – Find out what the top 19 meat breeds are what makes them so great. Plus how to sex rabbits, what is important about breeding, and answers to troubleshoot any problems which arise along the way.
  • Module 3: Health and Feeding- A clean rabbitry is a healthy rabbitry. But you can’t always manage to keep out every shred of illness. Learn what the common (and not so common) illnesses are, what symptoms to look for and how to diagnose your rabbits, as well how to treat and prevent many illnesses. We’ll also look closely at what you should be feeding your rabbits and why.
  • Module 4: The End Product – You raised them for their meat, so now you need to know how to dispatch, portion and eat those rabbits as well as what to do with the pelts
  • Module 5: Raising Rabbits for Profit – Perhaps you are just trying to cover the cost of feed for your herd, or maybe you’d actually like to make this into a full-time job. Either way, you’ll know just what you need to do to get moving in the right direction

All of the videos can be downloaded to watch whenever you like, but you also get the presentation slides to take notes along with and the mp3 versions of all the audio so you can listen on the go (or not have to worry with slower internet connections).


The textbooks of the Raising Rabbits Essentials class, there are SIX comprehensive ebooks are included to further elaborate on all these materials!

All of these materials are available for you to download, print and use to create your own successful rabbitry.

  • Raising Rabbits to Survive, version 3.
    Version 2 is normally available for $19.97, but I’ve not even released version 3 to the public yet. In it, you will be able to reference all the things I’ve discussed in the videos and read more about each topic. The equipment you need, selecting breeds, mating rabbits, new litters, selecting rabbits to grow your herd, dispatching rabbits and more.
  • One of the biggest hurdles for people when they start raising rabbits is to find a breeder in their area. So ebook #2 is The Ultimate List of Rabbit Breeders— a monster ebook loaded with names, locations and contact information for over 800 breeders in the United States.
  • What’s for Dinner, Doc?, a rabbit meat cookbook filled with over 100 recipes to ensure that you and your family always have something new to try. You’ll find recipes for any time of the day, from breakfast to dinner.
  • The Rabbit Health Manual is a comprehensive reference guide, over 70 pages long, that discusses every disease and problem your rabbit might come up with…and a few pages about keeping your rabbitry clean to prevent outbreaks.
  • Feeding Rabbits Naturally is a new manual I’ve written because I receive so many questions about moving rabbits away from a pellet only diet to a more homegrown alternative. This 5th ebook has nearly 100 pages outlining all the possibilities available for those who have lots of space to grow crops, or even just a few containers to get started with. It also includes an extensive list of safe foods for rabbits…as well as things to avoid.
  • Rabbit Resources which will help you get started on the path to raising rabbits with tons of links to useful guides, forums and other websites.
  • Rabbit Breeders Workbook full of checklists, worksheets and reference charts that will help you along the way. From profit and loss worksheets to quick disease consultation sheets, you’re going to know exactly what’s going on in your rabbitry at all times.

Raising Rabbits Essentials



Get personal access to me!

As we go through this course, I will be available to you whenever you have questions about what we are currently discussing, or even just other things that pop into your head regarding rabbits. The class size is kept small so that I’m able to communicate with you on a one-on-one basis without a lot of interference.


Obtain Lifetime Membership!

You’ll always be able to access the Raising Rabbits Essentials website and download any of the videos, ebooks, audio, worksheets, and other information available there. But at the same time, by signing up to be a member of Raising Rabbits Essentials today, you are also ensuring that you will never have to pay a penny more for future releases of this information. You automatically get access when/if I relaunch Raising Rabbits Essentials v1 for free, which means that any updates I make to the materials are also available to you at no extra cost. [/content_box_75Percent]

Remember I said I like to over-deliver? Well the bonuses for this package are nearly as impressive as the course itself!
The Bonuses

Bonus #1: The ebook Exploring Vermicomposting

Learn why rabbits and worms are the perfect pairing to not only supercharge your own garden, but also turn a profit! Vermicomposting is extremely easy once you get the hang of it, and it’s the perfect compliment to raising rabbits.

raising meat rabbits

Bonus #2: Raising Rabbits in Colonies eBook

There are more ways to raise a rabbit than just in cages and hutches. I’ll teach you how to convert an old horse stall, shed, or even a dog run into a rabbit growing haven. Your rabbits can live more naturally while you cut down on your own time and money investment. You’ll also learn more about rabbit tractors and just how they work.

raising meat rabbits

Bonus #3: Personalized Rabbitry Webpage

If you considering turning your rabbitry into any sort of profit-making business, one of the most important tools for you to use in your marketing is a website. So since I know a lot of you are interested to recoup your investment quickly after getting started, I wanted to help you out. I have put together some nice templates WordPress-powered websites which you can use to easily build your rabbit business. Just a few simple clicks will allow you to customize the website templates and you’ll be ready to take on the world.

Don’t have access to a domain name or server space? Don’t worry, I am including hosting with this package on my own servers. That’s right – hosting is FREE. The cost of these website templates and the hosting would easily cost you more than this entire course. But I want you to be successful – and after completing the Raising Rabbits Essential course there is no reason why you can’t be.

If you get into Raising Rabbits Essentials and decide it’s just not for you, just send me an email within 60 days of your purchase and I will refund your money. No questions asked.
Limited Availability

Raising Rabbits Essentials ecourse will only be available for the next 5 days…or until the 75 available spots have filled up with those individuals who are really serious about learning to raise meat rabbits right now.

I have to limit access to the course because this online class is very interactive…and I don’t want anyone to feel that they didn’t get to interject into the program because there were too many people involved. So although this limit might seem really low and you might be thinking that it’s not fair that so few people will gain access, it’s being done for everyone’s benefit.

This online course is not available at all times during the year. It is an exclusive event that I only do a few times a year, which makes it all that much more important for you to decide if you want to participate right now.

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This course is fantastic! I was in the initial course and it was so complete that I was able to buy rabbits knowing what to look for. I set up a rabbitry again, knowing in my mind what I wanted. There was no waste of money trying one thing only to find out it didn’t work. My rabbits are healthy and when friends visit, they comment on how beautiful their fur is and how their eyes sparkle. My rabbits are so nice that I’ve been asked by Country Max to be their supplier.

I read Tiffany’s book and took her course and right from the start I’ve felt as though I’ve been raising rabbits for years. I know how to head off problems before they start. I’ve also set up an outdoor rabbit colony – again, by following Tiffany’s direction. I’m a city boy, with no real experience with animals, but after taking Tiffany’s course and running my rabbitry for 1 1/2 years I feel like a pro. I feel I have something to offer people just getting started. People can’t believe the knowledge I have about raising rabbits.

Take Tiffany’s course, read her materials and you will be successful. She is right there to answer any questions, although she explains things so well in her course, you won’t be emailing her that often. This course is absolutely worth your time and twice the money.

After a year and a half, I raise more than enough meat for my family. I now have a business which covers the cost of running the rabbitry and the best part is that it’s more fun than work. There’s nothing cuter than a 1 lb bunny.

I might add I live in an area with below 0 winters and summers where the temp is above 100. Thanks to Tiffany it’s not a problem.

Brad - Hamlin, NY
“Hi Tiffany,

I just want to tell you I have raised rabbits before and was very successful. However, having received your course I was blown away with how well it was put together and presented.

This is a fantastic training course on raising rabbits…nothing is left undone…the best I have ever seen.”

Dwayne C.
“Hi Tiffany,

I want to say that your course has been a valuable tool in my decision to raise meat rabbits. Once before (about 15 years ago) I thought about trying to raise rabbits but, as I checked it out I became overwhelmed at the knowledge needed to house, feed, butcher, and generally care for them. It was obvious to me that I didn’t know enough and had no easy way to learn what I needed to know. If only I knew someone that was experienced with rabbits that could mentor me. Sadly, I knew of no one in my area that raised rabbit so I gave up on my quest.

Last year, I happened to run across a mention of your on-line course that would answer all my questions and provide the necessary support for me to start my own rabbitry. I learned not only from the many videos and e-books that you provided as part of the course but also from your one-on-one individual assistance that you have so generously offered to all your students. There are so many valuable subjects that have been such a help to me that it is difficult to single out one or two but I do remember, very recently, determining the sex of my rabbits and thinking how difficult that would have been without your expert instruction.

I appreciate, as well. The many reference lists you have provided such as, those things that are safe to feed, those things that are not safe to feed, and ailments that are common in rabbits along with popular treatments. I am eager to learn more about rabbit husbandry and will always consider you my mentor. I have been able to find all my answers in the wonderful resources you have provided as a part of your course. Thank you so much for everything you do.

Your Student,”

Ron P. - Western NC
“I felt your course was very well researched and nicely laid out. I grew up a city kid and am now employed as a psychologist. Raising animals was not in my background. After reading your book and taking your course I started raising rabbits and felt as though I had done it before. There were no surprises. As problems arose, I had an idea why, so I could work to correct the situation and move on.

To date I have raised 7 babies: 3 were kept for breeding and 4 were eaten. I slaughtered them myself.

The best part of the course (other than your very well written book) is the communication between you and the other students. You usually responded to me the same day. Your individual attention to me was fantastic.

All in all you course is absolutely worth the money. Your book is so well written, it is really all you need.

Thank you very Much.”

Brad A.

One Time Payment
 Purchase now for just one simple payment of $99.97

Easy Payment Option
 Pay it out in just 6 Monthly Payments of $17.97