Learn to raise rabbits easily with personal advice from an expert

Raising Rabbits Essentials is a massive collection of video modules, ebooks, workbooks, reference sheets and more that will teach you all about raising rabbits and how to have your own successful rabbitry to produce healthy, happy rabbits and delicious meat.


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The Raising Rabbits Essentials E-Course contains everything you need to know to get started raising meat rabbits the right way. In this massive collection of Videos, Ebooks, Checklist and Procedures you will find all of the information to start raising healthy and happy rabbits the easy way. 

This course is fantastic! I was in the initial course and it was so complete that I was able to buy rabbits knowing what to look for. I set up a rabbitry again, knowing in my mind what I wanted. There was no waste of money trying one thing only to find out it didn’t work. My rabbits are healthy and when friends visit, they comment on how beautiful their fur is and how their eyes sparkle. My rabbits are so nice that I’ve been asked by Country Max to be their supplier.

I read Tiffany’s book and took her course and right from the start I’ve felt as though I’ve been raising rabbits for years. I know how to head off problems before they start. I’ve also set up an outdoor rabbit colony – again, by following Tiffany’s direction. I’m a city boy, with no real experience with animals, but after taking Tiffany’s course and running my rabbitry for 1 1/2 years I feel like a pro. I feel I have something to offer people just getting started. People can’t believe the knowledge I have about raising rabbits.

Take Tiffany’s course, read her materials and you will be successful. She is right there to answer any questions, although she explains things so well in her course, you won’t be emailing her that often. This course is absolutely worth your time and twice the money.

After a year and a half, I raise more than enough meat for my family. I now have a business which covers the cost of running the rabbitry and the best part is that it’s more fun than work. There’s nothing cuter than a 1 lb bunny.

I might add I live in an area with below 0 winters and summers where the temp is above 100. Thanks to Tiffany it’s not a problem.

Brad - Hamlin, New York


Hours and hours of videos to teach you everything you need to know about raising rabbits for meat. No fluff, just facts! This video series is the basis of my rabbit raising ecourse, giving you a no-nonsense introduction to the world of rabbit raising, including how to get started, information on breeding and much more.


This bundle really contains everything you need to know about rabbits and can serve as your reference library for years to come. 
From the "Raising Rabbits to Survive" ebook, my comprehensive health manual and even how to profit from your rabbit raising are all included in this course.

A Word From The Author

“I have always loved working with my hands and producing food for my family - free from dangerous pestizides and other nasty stuff. I want to share my knowledge with the public and do my small part to make this world a healthier place”